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Our Values  (Why we do what we do)                                     (Revision 8/1999)

We are committed to the following core values:

  1. Our commission:  We are committed to honoring and pleasing our God and our Savior, Jesus Christ
    by obeying the two Great commandments and carrying out The Great Commission
    (1 Cor 10:31; Phil 1:9-11; Col 1:10; Heb 13:21: 1 Pet 4:11; Matt 22:37-40)

  2. Worship:  We are committed to the praising and worshipping of God together (church, families,...) and as individual believers.  (Exo 3:12; Acts 2:47; Rom 12:1-2; Heb 13:15-16)

  3. Preaching and Teaching:  We are committed to the preaching, teaching, and the applying of God's Word for the transforming of individual lives, families, church, and the community, i.e., what the Bible teaches takes precedence over human opinion and church tradition.  (Acts 2:42; Matt 28:19-20; 2 Tim 3:15-17; Jas 1:22)

  4. Prayer:  We are committed to pray - as individuals, as a family, and as a corporate body.
    (Acts 2:42; 1 Thes 5:16; Matt 7:7, 18:19; Jas 5:13-16)

  5. Fellowship:  We are committed to the sharing (partnership) of caring for, and building up of one another in Christ as a community and in small groups.  (Acts 2:42,44; John 13:34-35; Rom 15:2; 1 Cor 12:25-27; Eph 4:15-16)

  6. Ministry:  We are committed to encouraging and training every Christian to utilize their spiritual gifts and to be engaged in good works.  (Eph 4:11-13)

  7. Evangelism:  We are committed to the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ, first to the community in Orange County, then our nation, finally to the world and making them committed disciples of Christ.
    (Acts 2:47; Matt 28:19-20)

  8. Multi-cultural:  We are committed first to a bilingual ministry of English and Chinese speaking, then to other ethnic groups.  (Acts 2:6; 1:8)

  9. Excellence:  We are committed to the Biblical standard of excellence and effectiveness in our ministries
    (Rom 1:6-8; Col 3:23; 1Thes 4:1; 1 Cor 10:31)

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