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Sunday School Department

FCBC Sunday School Teacher Standards:

  1. Show my commitments to Christ through personal Bible study, daily prayer, and obedience to the Word of God.

  2. Spend adequate time on lesson preparation, prayer for my students, and the practice of Bible truths taught.

  3. Have a learner's attitude myself in being open to teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness.

  4. Be faithful in worshipping the Lord here with our brothers and sisters and in corporate prayer through our Wednesday night prayeer meetings.

  5. Attend Sunday School faithfully and arrive on time.

  6. Strive to improve my skills and knowledge in teaching the Bible lessons.  This includes attending seminars, worships, as well as seeking the counsel of those who can help me.

  7. Strive to establilsh a personal relationship with students by such means as contacting absentees, visiting students, holding outside activities for my class, and etc.

  8. Attend all Sunday School staff meetings and support all special programs sponsored by the Sunday School.

  9. Give tithe cheerfully and regularly.

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FCBC Sunday School Teacher Training Program Curriculum:

  1. New Testament Survey and Hermeneutics

  2. Old Testament Survey and Hermeneutics

  3. Applied Hermeneutics and Outlining

  4. Basic Theology

  5. Chrisitna Education - Methods & Material for Each Age Group

  6. Evangelism and Discipleship

  7. Counseling Students and Their Family


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