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03/09/1997 "Pro-Choice?"  Yes..., But..., Therefore... Bro. Daniel Lim
02/09/1997 "The Church We Value"  Dr. Murphy Lum

03/09/1997  "Pro-Choice?"  -  Bro. Daniel Lim
Genesis 2:15-17
Introduction:  The story of the old wise pastor and the couple  (Genesis chapters 1-3)
1.  Yes, we have choice, for God is for Choice, the Biblical Choice.  (Gen 2:16-17)
     Biblical Choice:  A careful and well thought out selection of something that is good or excellent.
     Examples:  David  (1 Sam 17:40), Jesus (Luke 6:12-13)

2.  But, there are good choices that lead to good consequences and better life  (Joshua in Josh 24:15),
     and there are poor choices that lead to poor consequences and miserable life  (Adam & Eve in Genesis 3:1-6).

3.  Therefore, let us Pro Better-Choice.
a.  To love, trust, and obey God.  (Deut 6:1-5; 10:12-13)
b.  To act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with our God.  (Micah 6:8)
c.  To seek first His kingdom and His righteousness.  (Matt 6:33)
d.  To believe in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ, and to love one another as He commanded us.  (1 Jn 2:23)

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02/09/1997  "The Church We Value" - Dr. Murphy Lum  
   Acts 2:38 - 5:16    

1. It is a church with the proper content
One that is saved (Acts 2:40-41; Jn 8:30-31; 15:5; Rev 2:12-14)
One that studies the Apostles' Doctrines (Acts 2:42; 1Tim 4:6,11,13,16; 2Tim 2:2)
One that fellowships (Acts 2:42-46; Gal 2:20)
One that prays together (Acts 2:42; Jn 14:13)

2. It is a church with the proper character
It is awesome (Acts 2:43; Lk 7:11-17)
It is miraculous (Acts 3:6-9; 5:12-16)
It is sharing (Acts 2:44-46; 2Cor 8:14-15)
It is joyful (Acts 2:44-46)

3. It is a church with the proper consequences - fruitful.

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