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Our Daily Bread

Campus Journal

Bible Online

Words of Wisdom


- wonderful resources, check each one out !

Excellent Christian Resources -
wonderful resources, check each one out !

Bible Reading  Bible in different versions & different languages

Our Daily Bread  - devotional resources.   

10 Reasons To Believe
   - in the existence of God & the reliability of the Bible

Why Does It Make Sense To Believe In Christ

Calvary Chapel Library - includes commentaries, books, etc.

In Touch Ministry - Dr. Charles Stanley's Preaching Ministry

Christian Gospel Network - great Christian resources.

Christianity Online

Southern Baptist Convention  

Promise Keepers

Focus on Family

LA & Orange Chinese Baptist Churches

Campus Crusade for Christ

House of Churches Network - Directory

Christian Medical & Dental Society

Chinese Resources                                            
(May need Chinese Internet Viewer)

Chinese Online Bible

Ambassadors For Christ  

Chinese Christian Mission

Tien Dao Christian Network

Far East Broadcasting Company

Focus on the Chinese Family

Overseas Campus Journal  
(highly recommended!)

LA Chinese Christian Herald Crusade

Chinese Sinanet Network  
(Non-Christian Network)

News, Map, Search Engines

CNN News

Los Angeles Times  |  
New York Times
US News


Mapquest (Map service)

Yahoo Search

Yahoo for kids Search

Altavista Search

Other Resource

Berkeley Digital Library  

Travel Resource
MSN Expedia Travel
Southwest Airline 
Internet Travel Network


Health Information

Health Information - Government Health Information

Consumer Health Information - Agency for Health Care Policy & Research

Dietary Guideline for Americans - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

International Travelers Clinic - Medical College of Wisconsin

Mayo Clinic Health Information  

Johns Hopkins University Health Information

Web MD Site

Reuters Health News/Info  |   WebMD Site  |   

Yahoo Medicine   |  Excite Health  |   Dr. Koop Med Site  

U.S. Healthy Life - (in Chinese)

Legal Information

The American Center for Law & Justice   (for Christian Rights)

Finance Information

A Personal Greeting from Larry Burkett



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