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  16835 Brookhurst Street, Fountain Valley, California 92708   (714) 964-3697
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Campus Journal 海外校園

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Resources - wonderful resources, check each one out ! 請閱覽好資料!

Our church group websites 教會小組
Christian Resources 其他教會網絡  
Chinese Christian Resources 基督教中文網絡  

Miscellaneous 其他:

Our church group websites 教會各部門:

Christian Resources 基督教資料——英文

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Chinese Christian Resources 中文網絡資料  (To view Chinese characters ) 
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Non-Christian Chinese Network 非基督教網絡

News, Map, Search Engines 新聞、地圖、尋覓站

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Travel Resource 旅行資料

 Fountain Valley City Official Website

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