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  1. WE BELIEVE THE BIBLE TO BE GOD'S WORD.  In its original, it is inspired to the very words, without error of any kind, and is the final authority in declaring what is right and true. The sixty-six books of our Bible are the complete written revelation of God to man.

  2. WE BELIEVE IN ONE GOD, who co-eternally exists in three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God is the creator of all that exists outside of Himself.

  3. WE BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit and was born of the virgin Mary as the eternal Son of God in the flesh, in all ways fully God, but now a genuine human being as well. He lived a sinless life and died on the cross as a substitutionary sacrifice in the place of sinners. His body was buried, but God raised His body from the dead. He ascended in body form to the Father in heaven and will return again to the earth to rule His kingdom.

  4. WE BELIEVE EVERY PERSON WITHOUT CHRIST stands condemned as a sinner. When they die, they will enter into the endless, conscious punishment of eternal fire. Their only hope is to repent during their days on the earth, turning in faith to Jesus Christ alone for salvation.

  5. WE BELIEVE EVERY CHRISTIAN has been justified by grace alone through faith alone because of Christ alone. Having been brought into union with Christ through faith, every sin has been forgiven and Christ's perfect righteousness has been credited to their account.

  6. WE BELIEVE A LIVING, SAVING FAITH will manifest itself in a positive change of attitude and behavior.

  7. WE BELIEVE EVERY CHRISTIAN has been born again by the Holy Spirit's coming to dwell permanently in their heart. Having been changed by the Spirit's presence and power, the heart's desire of every Christian is now to love God and to hear and obey His Word.

  8. WE BELIEVE EVERY CHRISTIAN has been baptized with the Holy Spirit as a one-time event when they were born again. While there is only one baptism with the Spirit, there may be many fillings of the Holy Spirit.

  9. WE BELIEVE EVERY CHRISTIAN has been adopted into God's own family and is now a child of God. Every Christian now lives under the watchful and nurturing care of their heavenly Father and is a co-heir with Christ to an imperishable family inheritance.

  10. WE BELIEVE EVERY CHRISTIAN has a sure future which includes a bodily resurrection and an eternity of perfect love, joy, and peace in the presence of God and away from all sin and evil.

  11. WE BELIEVE OUR CHURCH is to be an assembly of Christians, who honor and obey their heavenly Father, by following the example of Christ, who sacrificially gave up His love for the benefit of others and the salvation of sinners.

  12. WE BELIEVE WATER BAPTISM is an external sign of an accomplished internal reality. The reality is the Christian's baptism into a saving union with Christ. Water baptism is an expression as well as a celebration of this union with Christ and His body, which is the Church. It is expected that every Christian be baptized with water. WE BELIEVE THE LORD'S SUPPER is the Christ-ordained means by which we remember His death for our salvation. As well as a continuing reminder, it is also a continuing celebration of our communion (fellowship) with Christ and with other believers in the unity of His body.