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Here would be my answer to the question, "How do I discern God's will?"

First of all, we have to realize that there are 3 aspects of God's will:

  1. God's sovereign will
    God's sovereign will is His secret will that determines all that happens.  Frequently, this is unknown to others except God Himself.

  2. God's moral will
    God's moral will is the revealed commands and principles in God's written Word.

  3. God's individual will
    God's individual will has to do with the specific, detailed plan that He has for each believer's life. Frequently, when we try to discern God's will, we deal with either God's moral will or His individual will.

Here are steps to discern God's individual will:

  1. Pray about the matter and submit to God's sovereign will.

  2. Read and study the Scriptures as it pertains to the question in concern.

  3. Ask mature believers for their advice. Seek mature believers who are godly, who know God's Word, and who will give you an honest answer.

  4. Evaluate pertinent information regarding the issue in question. Seek wise counsel and advice from knowledgeable sources. Weigh the pros and cons of each option.

  5. See if the circumstances are favorable or not.

  6. Ask yourself if what you are about to do is in line with your gifts and abilities. Often, God calls us to do things that is in line with the gifts and abilities that He has given us.

  7. If all these sources are giving you the same answer -- then most likely that is God's answer for you. It is important to ask God to confirm whatever choice you feel is God's leading. God will always confirm His will!

I hope this is a more detailed answer for discerning God's will.

Howard Hsieh 8-31-1999

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